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Hollywood touch for new sitcom ‘Bigger Boss?’


Renowned Hollywood director, Bentley Evans, whose credits include the movie House Party and co-creator of  The Jamie Foxx Show and Keith L. Smith, who worked on the blockbuster movie  A Few Good Men starring Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson and Demi Moore – were brought in as director and director of photography ­respectively, for the new Jamaican sitcom B igger Boss? which airs exclusively on Television Jamaica (TVJ) starting Sunday, February 17.

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Set in a north coast hotel called Suite Jamaica Resort,  Bigger Boss? , the latest production from Ellis International, creators of the hit comedy series  The Ity & Fancy Cat Show , showcases an intriguing mix of established and emerging talents. Ian ‘Ity’ Ellis and Alton ‘Fancy Cat’ Hardware play the lead roles alongside local theatre star Camille Davis as Tandy, the ­fastidious chief concierge; young actress and singer Zosia McGregor, and social media personality Rushane ‘Rushcam’ Campbell.

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Veteran actress Leonie Forbes as well as social media influencers Kevin2woKrayzee, singer Alaine, Christopher Martin, Debbie Bissoon, and stand-up comic Leighton Smith all make cameo appearances

Commenting on his directorial role in  Bigger Boss? , Bentley Evans told The G leaner it was an “exciting and awesome experience” working with the talented Jamaican cast

Working in paradise “Working in Jamaica was like working in paradise, and it was a new highlight in my career,” he stated

Bigger Boss? is not Evans’ first involvement with a local production as he previously worked on  Rude Boy: The Jamaican Don in the early 2000s. Since that time, he has been back to Kingston on several occasions, liaising with his friend Sharon Burke, CEO of Solid Agency, as he explored business opportunities on the island. The sitcom surrounds the boss, Mr G Brown, a professionally efficient, but socially awkward, general manager

He is, however, burdened with the wily Woodstock, described as a personable but incompetent employee, who constantly messes up ‘like a boss’.  Bigger Boss? was shot on location at Sandals Resort in St Ann

Producers Ellis International, in acknowledging the solid foundation that has been set by groundbreaking local television comedies like  Oliver at Large, Titus in Town, Claffy, and  Lime Tree Lane , said that they could do no less than maintain the bar of excellence established by these pioneers while continuing to elevate standards